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Evanescent modes are virtual photons
Former QED-based studies of evanescent modes identified these with virtual photons. Recent experimental studies confirmed the resulting predictions about non-locality, non-observability, violation ofExpand
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Evanescent Modes and Tunnelling Instantaneously Act at a Distance
Photonic tunnelling experiments have shown that i) the Einstein energy relation is violated, ii) the tunnelling process is non‐local, iii) the signal velocity is faster than light, i.e. superluminal,Expand
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Positons for the Toda lattice and related spectral problems
The concept of positons is introduced for the Toda lattice equation. It is shown that these multiparametric oscillating and slowly decaying solutions, when inserted as potentials in theExpand
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Macroscopic violation of special relativity
Feynman one of the founders of Quantum Electronic Dynamics (QED) introduced in his diagrams virtual particles as intermediate states of an interaction process. Such virtual particles are notExpand
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Nonspecular shifts of microwaves in partial reflection
An experimental study of beam shifts occurring in partial reflection from a planar dielectric interface is presented. A novel Goos-Hanchen–like shift in the regime below total reflection has beenExpand
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Photonic tunneling time in frustrated total internal reflection
Frustrated total internal reflection is considered as the classical analog of quantum-mechanical tunneling. Here the tunneling time in frustrated total internal reflection is discussed. It is shownExpand
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The dynamic properties of positon solutions of integrable nonlinear evolution equations are studied. The intricate relation between the dynamics of the pole of a positon and the motion of the positonExpand
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What do solitons, breathers and positons have in common?
The connection between solitons, breathers and a new type of solutions of nonlinear evolution equations, positons, is established. It is shown how they result from different representations of theExpand
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Positons of the modified Korteweg de Vries equation
The concept of positons, i. e. certain multiparametric solutions of the Korteweg de Vries equation with new properties, is extended to the modified Korteweg de Vries equation. It is shown that theExpand
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Observable tachyons in the tunneling regime
Some aspects are discussed of experiments reporting superluminal velocities of electromagnetic waves propagating across a photonic barrier. Emphasis is put on optical tunneling in frustrated totalExpand
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