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Hominid Use of Fire in the Lower and Middle Pleistocene: A Review of the Evidence [and Comments and Replies]
Examen critique des donnees de 30 sites du Pleistocene inferieur et moyen d'Afrique, Asie et Europe, concernant l'utilisation du feu chez les premiers hominides. Les donnees anterieures auxExpand
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Making History in Banda: Anthropological Visions of Africa's Past
List of figures List of Plates List of tables Preface 1. Refracted visions of Africa's past 2. Envisioning Africa's lived past 3. The past in the present: history-making in Banda 4. TheExpand
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Concepts of Time and Approaches to Analogical Reasoning in Historical Perspective
  • A. Stahl
  • Computer Science, History
  • 1 April 1993
Analogy is fundamentally important to archaeological inquiry, yet archaeologists remain profoundly ambivalent about its use. Expand
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Colonial entanglements and the practices of taste: an alternative to logocentric approaches
Anthropology has over the last quarter century privileged language, ideation, and meaning as central tropes in the study of culture. Meaning has been construed primarily in terms of linguisticExpand
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Reinvestigation of Kintampo 6 rock shelter, Ghana: implications for the nature of culture change
The excavations of 1982 at Kintampo rock shelter no. 6 are described and the results correlated with those of Flight (1976). The sequence demonstrates an overlap between the Punpun and KintampoExpand
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Political economic mosaics: Archaeology of the last two millennia in tropical sub-Saharan Africa
▪ Abstract This review explores recent research that moves away from conventional preoccupations with origins and independent innovation in African Iron Age archaeology. Critiques of culturalExpand
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The Archaeology of Global Encounters Viewed from Banda, Ghana
West African societies have long been enmeshed in interregional, subcontinental, and intercontinental relations. Documents tell us little about how local life was shaped by its intersection withExpand
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Ethnic Style and Ethnic Boundaries: A Diachronic Case Study From West-Central Ghana
This article calls into question the essentialist assumption that often underlies our use of contemporary ethnic labels in structuring discussions of the historical dimension in anthropology. DrawingExpand
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Innovation, diffusion, and culture contact: The holocene archaeology of Ghana
Stressing recent research, this review of Ghana archaeology highlights what we know of the advent of sedentism, agriculture, iron technology, and urbanism in Ghana and examines how certain patternsExpand
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Changing from German GAAP to IFRS or US GAAP: A Survey of German Companies
ABSTRACT Since 1993 an increasing number of listed German companies have been publishing their consolidated financial statements in accordance with either IFRS or US GAAP. In 1998 this was approvedExpand
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