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Inter- and intra-genetic diversity in the Polish Konik horse: implications for the conservation program
The main objective of the study was to determine the genetic diversity in the Polish Konik (PK) population in the context of a currently conducted conservation program. A total of 94 horses of 16 PKExpand
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Performance in racehorses of various colours
Abstract A relationship between the coat colour and the horse's performance, which has been suggested since centuries, is possible from the genetic point of view. It may result from a linkage ofExpand
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Colour variation in blue dun Polish Konik and Bilgoraj horses
Abstract The study was conducted to determine the variability of the blue dun colour of Polish Konik and Bilgoraj Horses and to define which factors involve the variations. These horses descend fromExpand
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Which obstacles are most problematic for jumping horses
Abstract The objective of this study was to examine the behaviour of horses jumping over variously designed obstacles, i.e. which obstacles are easy for them and jumped willingly or which causeExpand
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Heavy metal status of Polish konik horses from stable-pasture and outdoor maintenance systems in the Masurian environment
Among domestic animals, cattle and horses kept on pasture and fed with hay and straw are exposed most prominently to environmental pollution. Determination of the status of heavy metals in bodies ofExpand
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The freestyle dressage competition as a test of the horse's performance
The objective of the study has been to examine whether the freestyle dressage classes are judged reliably and to elaborate a method assessing the consistency of judging. The data contained 13 000Expand
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Does Music Influence Emotional State in Race Horses
Abstract The aim of the study was to determine the effect of music featured in the barn, on the emotional state of race horses. Seventy 3-year-old Purebred Arabian horses in their first race seasonExpand
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The effect of relaxing massage on heart rate and heart rate variability in purebred Arabian racehorses.
The objective of this study was to assess the effect of relaxing massage on the heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV) in young racehorses during their first racing season. In the study, 72Expand
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Responses of Horses of Various Breeds to a Sympathetic Training Method
The objective of this study was to compare the responses of horses of different breeds to a sympathetic training method used during an initial training period, before the horses started their firstExpand
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Changes of coat cover in primitive horses living on a reserve.
Changes in the coat cover are important for mammalian thermoregulation. This is especially true where variable environmental conditions exist throughout the seasons. Coat cover shedding is theExpand
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