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Multiwalled carbon nanotubes-based pencil graphite electrode modified with an electrosynthesized molecularly imprinted nanofilm for electrochemical sensing of methionine enantiomers
Abstract Enantioselective electrochemical nanosensors for methionine isomers, based on electropolymerized molecular imprinting approach, have been fabricated. For this, benzidine and methionine wereExpand
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Low-temperature neutron diffraction structures of N-glycoprotein linkage models and analogues: structure refinement and trifurcated hydrogen bonds.
The biological addition of oligosaccharide moieties to asparagine residues of N-glycoproteins influences the properties and bioactivities of these macromolecules. The low-temperature neutron crystalExpand
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Characterization of frankial strains isolated from Hippophae salicifolia D. Don, based on physiological, SDS–PAGE of whole cell proteins and RAPD PCR analyses
Different Frankia strains (HsIi2, HsIi4, HsIi5, HsIi8, HsIi9, HsIi10, HsIi11, HsIi12, HsIi13, HsIi14) nodulating Hippophae salicifolia D. Don, were characterized on the basis of physiological,Expand
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Biological effects induced by swift heavy ions of lithium on aqueous solution of plasmid pMTa4
Biological samples exposed to swift heavy ions sustain damage on different components. Damage to DNA, a critical component of a living system, has considerable biological implications. In this studyExpand
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High-dose-rate interstitial brachytherapy in recurrent head and neck cancer: an effective salvage option
Purpose High-dose-rate (HDR) interstitial brachytherapy has an established role in head and neck malignancies and offers good survival rates; however, there is scant data on improved local controlExpand
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X-Ray Crystallographic Investigation of Fully Acetylated N-(2-Deoxy-2-Acetamido-β-D-Glucopyranosyl)Alkanamides as N-Glycoprotein Linkage Region Analogs
To understand the structural significance of the linkage region of N-glycoproteins, three title sugar amides have been prepared as analogs and their molecular assembly and crystal structures haveExpand
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Molecular basis of photoperiodic control of reproductive cycle in a subtropical songbird, the Indian weaver bird (Ploceus philippinus).
Less is known about genetic basis of photoperiodic regulation of reproductive cycle in subtropical birds. This study measured the expression levels of DIO2, DIO3, GnRH, and GnIH genes in IndianExpand
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iTrack: IoT framework for Smart Food Monitoring System
This paper proposes an IoT framework for facilitating food monitoring for protection of the food, so that it would not get contaminated due to surrounding conditions during storage and transportation. Expand
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Synthesis, characterization and in vitro antimicrobial activity of some novel 4,5-dihydro-1 H -pyrazoline derivatives
The present study deals with the synthesis of some novel pyrazoline derivatives as antimicrobial agents. The antimicrobial activities have been performed against a panel of gram-positive andExpand
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Synthesis of guanidino sugar conjugates as GlcβArg analogs
The β-glucosyl linkage to the guanidine group of arginine (Arg) is found in amylogenin, a glycoprotein from sweet corn. Such a linkage is formed by a rare N-glycosylation of proteins. Synthesis ofExpand
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