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Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis
Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH; also known as Forestier disease or senile ankylosing hyperostosis) is a process characterized by calcification and ossification of the spinal andExpand
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The secondary amine/nitric oxide complex ion R(2)N[N(O)NO](-) as nucleophile and leaving group in S9N)Ar reactions.
Ions of structure R(2)N[N(O)NO](-) and their alkylation products have seen increasing use as nitric oxide (NO)-generating agents for biomedical research applications. Here we show that suchExpand
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meso-Aryl triphyrin(2.1.1).
Synthesis, spectral, and single-crystal X-ray structural analysis of meso-aryl triphyrin(2.1.1) featuring three pyrrole rings and four meso-aryl rings are described. The title compound represents theExpand
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Smaragdyrins and Sapphyrins Analogues.
Porphyrins and expanded porphyrins have attracted the attention of chemists for a long time in view of their diverse applications in catalysis; as anion, cation, and neutral substrate receptors; asExpand
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Core-modified meso-aryl hexaphyrins with an internal thiophene bridge: structure, aromaticity, and photodynamics.
Take the shortcut: The synthesis of core-modified meso aryl hexaphyrins with an internal thiophene bridge is reported. Introduction of the thiophene bridge alters the electronic structure as well asExpand
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Inverted meso-aryl porphyrins with heteroatoms; characterization of thia, selena, and oxa N-confused porphyrins.
Synthesis and characterization of inverted porphyrins containing S, Se, and O are reported. A simple 3 + 1 MacDonald-type condensation using modified tripyrrane containing the N-confused ring andExpand
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A 6,11,16-Triarylbiphenylcorrole with an adj-CCNN Core: Stabilization of an Organocopper(III) Complex.
An adj-dicarbacorrole with CCNN in the core is achieved by replacing the bipyrrole moiety by a simple polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, such as biphenyl unit. Spectroscopic studies and structuralExpand
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N-confused expanded porphyrin: first example of a modified sapphyrin with an inverted N-confused pyrrole ring.
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Fused core-modified planar antiaromatic 32π heptaphyrins: unusual synthesis and structural diversity.
The condensation reaction of fused dithienothiophene (DTT) diol with a core-modified tripyrrane led to the formation of acid and its concentration dependent products, sapphyrin and heptaphyrin. TheExpand
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