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A Paleoindian response to Younger Dryas climate change
Abstract Late Quaternary changes in North American vegetation and geography reflect the influence of changing climate induced by the retreating ice sheets, orbitally-driven seasonal insolationExpand
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Early Human Settlement of Northeastern North America
This paper summarizes current evidence for earliest human occupation of northeastern North America during the late Pleistocene and early Holocene. We review evolution of the region's landscapes andExpand
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Paleoindians and the Younger Dryas in the New England-Maritimes Region
Abstract This paper examines environmental and archaeological data for the Younger Dryas (YD) (12,900–11,600 calibrated years before present) (cal BP) and early Holocene (11,600–10,000 cal BP) in theExpand
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Atlantic salmon, archaeology and climate change in New England
Abstract A paucity of archaeological remains of Atlantic salmon in Northeast North America has been cited as evidence that the species may have been present in the region only during and after theExpand
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Dorset Settlement and Subsistence in Northern Labrador
Archaeological surveys in northern Labrador have supplemented previous evidence from the central coast concerning the Dorset subsistence-settlement system. The evidence suggests a flexible DorsetExpand
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Kidder Point and Sears Island in Prehistory
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Determining Season of Death of Archaeological Fauna by Analysis of Teeth
Seasonality of site occupation is a common concern in northern archaeology, and any faunal remains recovered should be analysed in an attempt to provide data useful for its determination. ConclusionsExpand
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[Fibrinolytic therapy in severe angina pectoris].
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