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Perceptual coding of digital audio
This paper reviews methodologies that achieve perceptually transparent coding of FM- and CD-quality audio signals, including algorithms that manipulate transform components, subband signal decompositions, sinusoidal signal components, and linear prediction parameters, as well as hybrid algorithms that make use of more than one signal model.
Attend and Diagnose: Clinical Time Series Analysis using Attention Models
This paper utilizes attention models for clinical time-series modeling, thereby dispensing recurrence entirely, and develops the \textit{SAnD} (Simply Attend and Diagnose) architecture, which employs a masked, self-attention mechanism, and uses positional encoding and dense interpolation strategies for incorporating temporal order.
Sparse representations for automatic target classification in SAR images
Results show that the performance of the algorithm is superior to using a support vector machines based approach with similar assumptions, and significant complexity reduction is obtained by reducing the dimensions of the data using random projections for only a small loss in performance.
Smart antennas for wireless communications
The objective is to design an adaptive antenna that directs the maximum radiation of the antenna pattern toward the signal-of-interest (SOI), and places nulls toward the signals of interest (SNOI) in the next generation 20 GHz wireless communications systems.
Speech coding: a tutorial review
  • A. Spanias
  • Computer Science
    Proc. IEEE
  • 1 October 1994
The objective of this paper is to provide a tutorial overview of speech coding methodologies with emphasis on those algorithms that are part of the recent low-rate standards for cellular communications.
Narrowband Direction of Arrival Estimation for Antenna Arrays
This book provides an introduction to narrowband array signal processing, classical and subspace-based direction of arrival (DOA) estimation with an extensive discussion on adaptive direction of
Audio Signal Processing and Coding
This chapter discusses signal processing Essentials, audio Coding Standards and Algorithms, and quality measures for Perceptual Audio Coding.
Smart-antenna systems for mobile communication networks. Part 1. Overview and antenna design
This paper focuses on the interaction and integration of several critical components of a mobile communication network using smart-antenna systems, and the observed dependence of the overall network throughput on the design of the adaptive antenna system and its underlying signal processing algorithms.
A review of algorithms for perceptual coding of digital audio signals
Algorithms for perceptually transparent coding of CD-quality digital audio, including both research and standardization activities are reviewed, including the ISO/MPEG family and the Dolby AC-3 algorithms.
On the Effectiveness of Multiple Antennas in Distributed Detection over Fading MACs
A distributed detection problem over fading Gaussian multiple-access channels is considered and simple practical schemes and numerical methods using semidefinite relaxation techniques are presented that utilize the limited possible gains available.