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Storie di principi e di baroni del Regno di Napoli nelle dediche degli storiografi dell’età barocca
The theme of this paper concerns the dedications that Neapolitan authors and publishers of the Seventeenth Century put before their books on the genealogies of noble families, family stories and theExpand
9. The Naples Elites between City and Kingdom
The new essays in this volume aim to introduce early modern Naples - the largest city in the Spanish global empire and one of Europe’s largest cities - to readers unfamiliar with its history.
Materiali per una storia del paesaggio culturale pugliese in età moderna
It Il saggio analizza alcune caratteristiche del paesaggio culturale pugliese tra XV e XIX secolo. Torri, santuari, castelli, masserie, ville rurali caratterizzano il paesaggio pugliese, come leExpand
Immune cell engagers in solid tumors: promises and challenges of the next generation immunotherapy
In the landscape of cancer immunotherapy, immune cell engagers (ICEs) are rapidly emerging as a feasible and easy-to-deliver alternative to adoptive cell therapy for the antitumor redirection ofExpand