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Maximum velocity of shortening of three fibre types from horse soleus muscle: implications for scaling with body size.
1. To explore how maximum velocity of shortening (Vmax) of fibres varies within one muscle and how Vmax varies with body size, we measured Vmax of muscle fibres from soleus muscle of a large animal,Expand
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Progress in reducing the pale, soft and exudative (PSE) problem in pork and poultry meat.
Research in the area of the pale, soft and exudative (PSE) pork and poultry meat is reviewed in this article with an emphasis on genetic, biochemical and metabolic factors contributing to theExpand
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Relationship between muscle growth and poultry meat quality.
For a number of years, poultry selection has concentrated on growth velocity in meat lines, producing improvements in growth that have not been without consequence for muscle structure, metabolism,Expand
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Effect of rapid rigor mortis processes on protein functionality in pectoralis major muscle of domestic turkeys.
The pale, soft, exudative (PSE) phenomenon in turkey pectoralis major (breast) muscle was studied using a combination of biochemical, meat quality, microscopic, and gel electrophoresis techniques.Expand
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Myofilament overlap in swimming carp. II. Sarcomere length changes during swimming.
This study was performed to determine myofilament overlap during swimming in carp. By using frozen sections, we found that sarcomere lengths of the red and white muscle could be related to theExpand
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The effect of pig genetics on palatability, color and physical characteristics of fresh pork loin chops.
The objective of this study was to characterize the quality attributes of pork derived from pigs of the following backgrounds: Duroc, Pietrain (Halothane negative, NN), Pietrain (Halothane positive,Expand
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Relationships between carcass quality parameters and genetic types.
It is important for the meat industry, including pig farmers and breeding companies, to know the composition of the carcass including the proportions of the different commercial cuts when makingExpand
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The influence of temperature on muscle function in the fast swimming scup. II. The mechanics of red muscle.
To understand better how scup can swim twice as fast as carp with its red muscle, we measured the mechanical properties of red muscle bundles in scup. The values of the mean maximum velocity ofExpand
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There are several similarities between the development of pale, soft, exudative (PSE) meat in breast muscle (Pectoralis supeficialis) of domestic turkeys, swine longissimus and ham muscles. AlthoughExpand
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Relationships between biochemical characteristics and meat quality of Longissimus thoracis and Semimembranosus muscles in five porcine lines.
Five porcine genetic lines which represent a high proportion of European pig production were fully characterized for meat quality parameters and muscle biochemical characteristics (LongissimusExpand
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