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Solvent-free allylic oxidation of alkenes with O2 mediated by Fe- and Cr-MIL-101
Abstract Catalytic properties of Fe-MIL-101 and Cr-MIL-101 metal–organic frameworks in the solvent-free oxidation of cyclohexene and α-pinene with molecular oxygen have been explored. Both catalystsExpand
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Phthalocyanine Metal Complexes in Catalysis
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Efficient Oxidative Dechlorination and Aromatic Ring Cleavage of Chlorinated Phenols Catalyzed by Iron Sulfophthalocyanine
An efficient method has been developed for the catalytic oxidation of pollutants that are not easily degraded. The products of the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) oxidation of 2,4,6,-trichlorophenol (TCP)Expand
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An N-bridged high-valent diiron-oxo species on a porphyrin platform that can oxidize methane.
High-valent oxo-metal complexes are involved in key biochemical processes of selective oxidation and removal of xenobiotics. The catalytic properties of cytochrome P-450 and soluble methaneExpand
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Kinetics of starch oxidation using hydrogen peroxide as an environmentally friendly oxidant and an iron complex as a catalyst
Abstract Oxidized starch is heavily deployed as a surface sizing agent in the paper industry. The most common oxidation methods use transition metals as catalysts and perchlorines or iodates asExpand
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Bio-inspired oxidation of methane in water catalyzed by N-bridged diiron phthalocyanine complex.
A stable mu-nitrido diiron phthalocyanine activates H2O2 to oxidize CH4 in water at 25-60 degrees C to methanol, formaldehyde and formic acid as evidenced using 13C and 18O labelling.
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Hydroxylation of aromatics with the help of a non-haem FeOOH: a mechanistic study under single-turnover and catalytic conditions.
Ferric-hydroperoxo complexes have been identified as intermediates in the catalytic cycle of biological oxidants, but their role as key oxidants is still a matter of debate. Among the numerousExpand
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Oxidation of methane and ethylene in water at ambient conditions
Abstract Available spectroscopic, labelling and reactivity data show that stable μ-nitrido diiron phthalocyanine activates H2O2 to form a high-valent diiron oxo species. This species is a veryExpand
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