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A self-contained superfield approach to global supersymmetry in anti-de Sitter space (OSp(1,4)) is developed. General transformation laws for OSp(1,4) superfields are established, and all basicExpand
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Supersymmetric Bethe ansatz and Baxter equations from discrete Hirota dynamics
Abstract We show that eigenvalues of the family of Baxter Q -operators for supersymmetric integrable spin chains constructed with the g l ( K | M ) -invariant R -matrix obey the Hirota bilinearExpand
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The NA61/SHINE Collaboration
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Towards a Maximal Mass Model
We investigate the possibility to construct a generalization of the Standard Model, which we call the Maximal Mass Model because it contains a limiting mass $M$ for its fundamental constituents. TheExpand
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ALICE: Physics Performance Report, Volume II
ALICE is a general-purpose heavy-ion experiment designed to study the physics of strongly interacting matter and the quark–gluon plasma in nucleus–nucleus collisions at the LHC. It currently involvesExpand
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Integrable Scalar Cosmologies I. Foundations and links with String Theory
Abstract We build a number of integrable one-scalar spatially flat cosmologies, which play a natural role in inflationary scenarios, examine their behavior in several cases and draw from them someExpand
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Resonance structure in the γγ invariant mass spectrum in pC- and dC-interactions
Along with π0 and η mesons, a resonance structure in the invariant mass spectrum of two photons at M γγ = 360 ± 7 ± 9 MeV is observed in the reaction dC → γ + γ + X at momentum 2.75 GeV/c perExpand
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Integrable scalar cosmologies
Abstract The question whether the integrable one-field cosmologies classified in a previous paper by Fre, Sagnotti and Sorin can be embedded as consistent one-field truncations into Extended GaugedExpand
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Status of the NICA project at JINR
The NICA (Nuclotron-based Ion Collider fAcility) project is now under active realization at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna). The main goal of the project is a study of hot andExpand
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