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Evidence for arsenic metabolism and cycling by microorganisms 2.7 billion years ago
Today, arsenic metabolism occurs in some anoxic aquatic systems. Geochemical analyses of 2.7-billion-year-old stromatolites show evidence of microbial arsenic cycling in a saline, shallow marineExpand
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A library for X-ray-matter interaction cross sections for X-ray fluorescence applications
Quantitative estimate of elemental composition by spectroscopic and imaging techniques using X-ray fluorescence requires the availability of accurate data of X-ray interaction with matter. Although aExpand
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Internal elemental microanalysis combining x-ray fluorescence, Compton and transmission tomography
Conventional x-ray transmission tomography provides the spatial distribution of the absorption coefficient inside a sample. Other tomographic techniques, based on the detection of photons coming fromExpand
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Focusing X-rays with simple arrays of prism-like structures.
This report discusses the optimization strategy, the theoretical background and first experimental data of a new refractive lens for focusing X-rays. In order to reduce the absorption of X-rays inExpand
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Bromine cycle in subduction zones through in situ Br monitoring in diamond anvil cells
Abstract The geochemical partitioning of bromine between hydrous haplogranitic melts, initially enriched with respect to Br and aqueous fluids, has been continuously monitored in situ duringExpand
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ID18F: a new micro-x-ray fluorescence end-station at the european synchrotron radiation facility (ESRF): preliminary results
A new user end-station is under construction at the ESRF with collaboration between the Micro-Fluorescence, Imaging and Diffraction beamline (ID22) and the Micro and Trace Analysis Center (MITAC) ofExpand
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Nanofocusing Parabolic Refractive X‐Ray Lenses
Parabolic refractive x‐ray lenses with short focal distance can generate intensive hard x‐ray microbeams with lateral extensions in the 100nm range even at short distance from a synchrotron radiationExpand
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Development of fast, simultaneous and multi-technique scanning hard X-ray microscopy at Synchrotron Soleil.
A distributed fast-acquisition system for synchronized multi-technique experiments is presented, in which the collection of metadata and the asynchronous merging of large data volumes from multipleExpand
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Microanalysis (micro-XRF, micro-XANES, and micro-XRD) of a tertiary sediment using microfocused synchrotron radiation.
Micro-focused synchrotron radiation techniques to investigate actinide elements in geological samples are becoming an increasingly used tool in nuclear waste disposal research. In this article,Expand
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High resolution double-sided diffractive optics for hard X-ray microscopy.
The fabrication of high aspect ratio metallic nanostructures is crucial for the production of efficient diffractive X-ray optics in the hard X-ray range. We present a novel method to increase theirExpand
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