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MEMS Mechanical Fatigue: Experimental Results on Gold Microbeams
This paper proposes a new strategy for detecting material strength loss under mechanical fatigue on the basis of the pull-in voltage of the test device. Gold microbeam specimens are tested forExpand
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Residual stress measurement method in MEMS microbeams using frequency shift data
The dynamical behaviour of a set of gold microbeams affected by residual stress has been studied. Experimental frequency shift curves were obtained by increasing the dc voltage applied to theExpand
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Modelling and validation of air damping in perforated gold and silicon MEMS plates
Dynamic behaviour of oscillating perforated plates for MEMS applications under the effect of squeeze film damping is studied. Two geometrical topology types of gold and silicon plates wereExpand
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Reliability Testing Procedure for MEMS IMUs Applied to Vibrating Environments
The diffusion of micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology applied to navigation systems is rapidly increasing, but there is a lack of knowledge about the reliability of this typology of devices, representing a serious limitation to their use in aerospace vehicles and other fields with medium and high requirements. Expand
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Design, Simulation, and Testing of Energy Harvesters With Magnetic Suspensions for the Generation of Electricity From Freight Train Vibrations
The constant spread of commercial trades on railways demand to develop alternative diagnostic systems, which are suitable to applications without electric supply and convenient for the industrialExpand
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Study and results of an onboard brake monitoring system for freight wagons
This paper presents the background study, development, and testing of a monitoring system for an intermodal freight wagon. The prototype of the onboard unit, developed by the research group ofExpand
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On theoretical limits of dynamic model updating using a sensitivity-based approach
The present work deals with the determination of the newly discovered conditions necessary for model updating with the eigensensitivity approach. The treatment concerns the maximum number ofExpand
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Modeling and experimental verification of thermally induced residual stress in RF-MEMS
Electrostatically actuated radio frequency microelectromechanical systems (RF-MEMS) generally consist of microcantilevers and clamped–clamped microbeams. The presence of residual stress in theseExpand
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Energy harvesting from human motion with piezo fibers for the body monitoring by MEMS sensors
Piezoelectric fibers composite materials can be effectively used as electro-mechanical transducers to harvest power from human body motion thanks to high flexibility and improved reliability comparedExpand
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Experimental validation of compact damping models of perforated MEMS devices
Measured damping coefficients of six different perforated micromechanical test structures are compared with damping coefficients given by published compact models. The motion of the perforated platesExpand
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