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17 lectures on Fermat numbers : from number theory to geometry
Foreword by Alena Solcova.- Table of Contents.- Preface.- Glossary of Symbols.- Introduction.- Fundamentals of Number Theory.- Basic Properties of Fermat Numbers.- The Most Beautiful Theorems onExpand
Combination of high-performance liquid chromatography and radioimmunoassay for the measurement of urodilatin and alpha-hANP in the urine of healthy males.
Urodilatin (ANP-(95-126)), a natriuretic peptide in urine, and alpha-hANP (ANP-(99-126)) are crossreactive in the radioimmunoassay of alpha-hANP (ANP-RIA). We therefore developed a method to separateExpand
Urodilatin and atrial natriuretic peptide are present in the urine of healthy neonates and young infants.
Urine sampling has been proposed as noninvasive monitoring of plasma atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) in neonates, assuming urine contains only filtered plasma ANP. Recently, urodilatin, anotherExpand
Reduction Dehydration of Iron Oxide Hydroxide by iron metal in aqueous medium
The reductive dehydration of iron hydroxide (FeOOH) by iron metal in aqueous solutions of ferrous sulphate was found to occur. These reactions of α, β, γ FeOOH and Fe(OH)3 · nH2O respectively wereExpand
(1.1) Fm = ¿T + 1 for m = 0, 1, 2 , . . . are prime. The numbers Fm are called Fermât numbers after him. If Fm is prime, we say that it is a Fermât prime. The first five members of sequence (1.1) areExpand
Formation and Crystallization of Fe(III) Hydroxides. Influence of precipitation temperature and the nature of the starting Fe(III) salt on Fe(III) hydroxide crystallization in alkaline medium
It is shown that amorphous precipitates of Fe(III) hydroxides are composed of two phases, namely weakly magnetic primary particles and ferrimagnetic fine-grained particles. The relative proportion ofExpand