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Sex Chromosomes and Sex Determination in Vertebrates
Introduction: The Role of Sex Chromosomes. Sex Chromosomes and Sex Determination in Amphibia. Sex Chromosomes and Sex Determination in Reptiles. Sex Chromosomes, Sex Determination, and Meiosis inExpand
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The behavior of the XY pair in mammals.
  • A. Solari
  • Biology, Medicine
  • International review of cytology
  • 1974
Publisher Summary This chapter analyzes the behavior of the XY pair in small number of selected species, and discusses the essential problems concerning the XY pair on that basis. The leptotene stageExpand
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Focal spermatogenesis originates in euploid germ cells in classical Klinefelter patients.
BACKGROUND Klinefelter syndrome is the most frequent chromosome abnormality in human males. This paper aims to investigate the ploidy of meiotic and pre-meiotic germ cells found in spermatogenicExpand
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Dynamic changes in Rad51 distribution on chromatin during meiosis in male and female vertebrates
Antibodies against human Rad51 protein were used to examine the distribution of Rad51 on meiotic chromatin in mouse spermatocytes and oocytes as well as chicken oocytes during sequential stages ofExpand
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Synaptonemal complexes and associated structures in microspread human spermatocytes
Human spermatocytes processed with a modified microspreading technique which involves the use of sodium dodecyl-sulphate (SDS) have been used to construct synaptonemal complex (SC) karyotypes. TwentyExpand
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The asynaptic chromatin in spermatocytes of translocation carriers contains the histone variant gamma-H2AX and associates with the XY body.
BACKGROUND The close apposition of multivalents with the XY body has been repeatedly described in heterozygous carriers of chromosomal rearrangements. Because in many of these carriersExpand
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A constitutional complex chromosome rearrangement involving meiotic arrest in an azoospermic male: case report.
Complex chromosome rearrangements are rare aberrations that frequently lead to reproductive failure and that may hinder assisted reproduction. A 25-year-old azoospermic male was studiedExpand
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Autosomal synaptonemal complexes and sex chromosomes without axes in Triatoma infestans (Reduviidae; Hemiptera)
Meiotic and somatic cells at interphase in Triatoma infestans are characterized by the formation of a large chromocenter, which was assumed to contain the whole of the three large pairs of autosomesExpand
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The role of asynapsis in human spermatocyte failure.
The basic molecular mechanisms by which chromosomal rearrangements in heterozygous state produce spermatogenic disturbances are poorly understood. Testicular biopsies from five patients - one carrierExpand
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The spatial relationship of the X and Y chromosomes during meiotic prophase in mouse spermatocytes
The ultrastructure of whole X-Y pairs has been reconstructed by serial sectioning and model building. Seven X-Y pairs were completely reconstructed and the lengths of the cores of the sex chromosomesExpand
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