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Interpreting Protein Mass Spectra: A Comprehensive Resource
1: Electrospray Ionization as a Vehicle for Protein Mass Spectra 2: Analyte Separation Methods: High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography and Capillary Electrophoresis 3: The Isotope Effect at High Mass 4:Expand
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Enzyme-substrate assay for the qualitative detection of microorganisms by ion mobility spectrometry
Abstract A relatively new concept is explored where the potential for ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) is investigated for the detection and determination of living microorganisms. A hand-held IMSExpand
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Energy resolved mass spectrometry of diethyl alkyl phosphonates with an atmospheric pressure ionization tandem mass spectrometer
Energy resolved mass spectrometry (ERMS) was used to characterize the dissociation processes of four diethyl alkyl phosphonates where the alkyl R group attached to the central phosphorus atom rangedExpand
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Analyte detection in complex solid matrices with pyrolysis—atmospheric pressure chemical ionization tandem mass spectrometry
Abstract Convenient protocols as well as a high degree of selectivity in the analysis of solid analytes in complex solid matrices represent desirable experimental characteristics, especially whenExpand
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Dye Fluorescence Analysis from Bacterial Metabolism.
Abstract : A method based upon induced fluorescence is proposed for the rapid detection and characterization of viable microorganisms. In this technique, a nonfluorescing dye is metabolizedExpand