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A compound refractive lens for focusing high-energy X-rays
THE development of techniques for focusing X-rays has occupied physicists for more than a century. Refractive lenses, which are used extensively in visible-light optics, are generally consideredExpand
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On the possibilities of x-ray phase contrast microimaging by coherent high-energy synchrotron radiation
Coherent properties of the x-ray beam delivered at the ESRF allow the observation of very weak perturbations of the wave front, resulting in the phase contrast. A straightforward experimental setupExpand
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X-ray imaging with submicrometer resolution employing transparent luminescent screens
Microimaging techniques with synchrotron radiation demand fast, on-line x-ray detectors with a spatial resolution in the micrometer or submicrometer range. For this task an x-ray detector based on aExpand
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Imaging by parabolic refractive lenses in the hard X-ray range
The manufacture and properties of compound refractive lenses (CRLs) for hard X-rays with parabolic profile are described. These novel lenses can be used up to ∼60 keV. A typical focal length is 1 m.Expand
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X-ray transfocators: focusing devices based on compound refractive lenses
A tunable X-ray focusing and/or monochromating device, called a transfocator, is described. Examples of its implementation on ID11 at the ESRF are given.
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Terapascal static pressure generation with ultrahigh yield strength nanodiamond
Terapascal static pressure generation is enabled in laboratory due to implementation of nanocrystralline diamond microballs. Studies of materials’ properties at high and ultrahigh pressures lead toExpand
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X-ray refractive planar lens with minimized absorption
Silicon refractive planar parabolic lenses with minimized absorption were fabricated by a combination of photolithography and dry-etching techniques. Focusing and spectral properties of the lensesExpand
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Three-dimensional imaging of paper by use of synchrotron X-ray microtomography
Pour permettre de decrire et de comprendre les proprietes mecaniques du papier il est essentiel de connaitre sa structure tridimensionnelle a l'echelle micrometrique; toutefois, les methodesExpand
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Refractive x-ray lenses
Parabolic refractive x-ray lenses are novel optical components for the hard x-ray range from about 5 keV to about 120 keV. They are compact, robust, and easy to align and to operate. They can be usedExpand
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High energy X-ray microscopy for characterisation of fuel particles
Abstract For the first time different high energy microanalysis techniques were combined to characterise individual micrometer sized radioactive particles. It was shown that particle characteristicsExpand
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