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The Cemeteries at Marki: Using a looted landscape to investigate prehistoric Bronze Age Cyprus
This work presents the results of an intensive site survey of three Prehistoric Bronze Age cemeteries in the vicinity of Marki Alonia, in central Cyprus, These cemeteries contained around 370 pit andExpand
Seeing Slums Through Rose-Coloured Glasses: The Mountain Street Site, Sydney and its Limitations in the Search for Vanished Slum Communities
Abstract In recent years there has been a tendency in some quarters to use the archaeological record uncritically to argue for a level of comfort and disposable wealth in nineteenth centuryExpand
Diagnosis of pregnancy and prediction of fetal age in red deer by real-time ultrasonic scanning
Sixteen pregnant red deer hinds were scanned using real-time ultra sound at regular intervals during the first 150 days of pregnancy. In the early stages of pregnancy, an intra-rectal linear arrayExpand
Witchcraft and Magic in Ireland
This is the first academic overview of Irish witchcraft. Based on a wide range of sources, it is a highly original and innovative study of beneficial and harmful magic, from the later medieval periodExpand
Revisiting Alambra Mouttes: defining the spatial configuration and social relations of a Prehistoric Bronze Age settlement in Cyprus
Alambra Mouttes is the site of a Prehistoric Bronze Age settlement in Cyprus. Excavation and survey in the 1970s and 1980s resulted in a reconstruction of the approximate boundaries and layout of theExpand
Institutional Medicine and State Intervention in Eighteenth–Century Ireland
This article suggests that the Irish parliament, though it met regularly from 1692 to its abolition in 1800, was reluctant to intervene in the regulation of interest that were overseen byExpand
Witchcraft Belief and Trials in Early Modern Ireland
This article explores witchcraft belief and trials in Ireland from just before the passing of the Irish witchcraft Act of 1586 up until the last prosecution for witchcraft at Carrickfergus Assizes inExpand
Witchcraft and Whigs: The Life of Bishop Francis Hutchinson, 1660-1739
This ground-breaking biography of Bishop Francis Hutchinson (1669-1739) draws upon a wealth of primary source material, and provides a rare portrait of an early eighteenth-century Anglican bishop andExpand