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DNA Vaccination Against Rat Her-2/Neu p185 More Effectively Inhibits Carcinogenesis Than Transplantable Carcinomas in Transgenic BALB/c Mice1 2
The ability of vaccination with plasmids coding for the extracellular and the transmembrane domain of the product of transforming rat Her-2/neu oncogene (r-p185) to protect against r-p185+Expand
Obese adipocytes show ultrastructural features of stressed cells and die of pyroptosis
We previously suggested that, in obese animals and humans, white adipose tissue inflammation results from the death of hypertrophic adipocytes; these are then cleared by macrophages, giving rise toExpand
Immunoediting of Cancers May Lead to Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition1
Tumors evade both natural and pharmacologically induced (e.g., vaccines) immunity by a variety of mechanisms, including induction of tolerance and immunoediting. Immunoediting results in reshapingExpand
Effect of resveratrol on the development of spontaneous mammary tumors in HER‐2/neu transgenic mice
Resveratrol (Res) has been reported to possess cancer chemopreventive activity on the basis of its in vitro effects on tumor cells and in vivo experimental models of rodents transplanted withExpand
The vascular endothelium of the adipose tissue gives rise to both white and brown fat cells.
Adipose tissue expansion involves the enlargement of existing adipocytes, the formation of new cells from committed preadipocytes, and the coordinated development of the tissue vascular network. HereExpand
The adipose organ: white‐brown adipocyte plasticity and metabolic inflammation
White adipocytes can store energy, whereas brown adipocytes dissipate energy for thermogenesis. These two cell types with opposing functions are contained in multiple fat depots forming the adiposeExpand
Mammary carcinoma provides highly tumourigenic and invasive reactive stromal cells.
The progression of a lesion to a carcinoma is dependent on the engagement of 'reactive stroma' that provides structural and vascular support for tumour growth and also leads to tissue reorganizationExpand
Phenotype, antigen-presenting capacity, and migration of antigen-presenting cells in young and old age
In the present paper, we investigated whether the phenotype, the antigen-presenting capacity, and the migration of antigen-presenting cells (APCs), are affected by the aging process. APCs wereExpand
White, brown and pink adipocytes: the extraordinary plasticity of the adipose organ.
In mammals, adipocytes are lipid-laden cells making up the parenchyma of the multi-depot adipose organ. White adipocytes store lipids for release as free fatty acids during fasting periods; brownExpand
Low effectiveness of DNA vaccination against HER-2/neu in ageing.
We evaluated the effectiveness of vaccination with a HER-2/neu DNA plasmid to induce protective immunity against HER-2/neu overexpressing syngeneic TUBO tumour cells in old ages. Young and old Balb/cExpand