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The Logic of Political Survival
The authors of this ambitious book address a fundamental political question: why are leaders who produce peace and prosperity turned out of office while those who preside over corruption, war, andExpand
An Institutional Explanation of the Democratic Peace
We examine formally the link between domestic political institutions and policy choices in the context of eight empirical regularities that constitute the democratic peace. We demonstrate thatExpand
Thinking Inside the Box: A Closer Look at Democracy and Human Rights
Research on human rights consistently points to the importance of democracy in reducing the severity and incidence of personal integrity abuses. The prescriptive implications of this finding forExpand
A Tale of Two Web Spaces: Comparing Sites Using Web Impact Factors.
For large organisations such as universities or research institutions, WIFs seem to be a useful measure of the overall influence of the web space, however for smaller spaces such as electronic journals the WIF is less reliable as a measure. Expand
Leader Survival, Revolutions, and the Nature of Government Finance
Leaders face multiple threats to their political survival. In addition to surviving the threats to tenure from within the existing political systems, which is modeled using Bueno de Mesquita andExpand
A Political Economy of Aid
Abstract We model how the size of a leader's support coalition and government revenues affect trades between policy concessions and aid. We find that aid benefits donor and recipient leaders, whileExpand
Political Survival and Endogenous Institutional Change
Incumbent political leaders risk deposition by challengers within the existing political rules and by revolutionary threats. Building on Bueno de Mesquita, Smith, Siverson, and Morrow's selectorateExpand
International Crises and Domestic Politics
Audience costs enable leaders to make credible commitments and to communicate their intentions to their adversaries during a crisis. I explain audience costs by simultaneously modeling crisisExpand
Foreign Aid and Policy Concessions
We model foreign-aid-for-policy deals, assuming that leaders want to maximize their time in office. Their actions are shaped by two political institutions, their selectorate and winning coalition.Expand
Political Institutions, Policy Choice and the Survival of Leaders
Institutional arrangements influence the type of policies that leaders pursue. We examine two institutional variables: size of the selectorate (S) – the set of people who have an institutional say inExpand