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Nervous system dysfunction among workers with long-term exposure to manganese.
Neurological disorders, bearing many similarities to Parkinson's disease, have been associated with environmental and occupational exposure to manganese (Mn). To document early nervous systemExpand
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Thyroid Hormones in Pregnancy in Relation to Environmental Exposure to Organochlorine Compounds and Mercury
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), chlorinated pesticides, and mercury are global environmental contaminants that can disrupt the endocrine system in animals and humans. However, there is littleExpand
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Temporal variation of blood and hair mercury levels in pregnancy in relation to fish consumption history in a population living along the St. Lawrence River.
Fish consumption from the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River has been decreasing over the last years due to advisories and increased awareness of the presence of several contaminants.Expand
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Variation of daily warm season mortality as a function of micro-urban heat islands
Background: Little attention has been paid to how heat-related health effects vary with the micro-urban variation of outdoor temperatures. This study explored whether people located in micro-urbanExpand
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Cardiovascular health, traffic-related air pollution and noise: are associations mutually confounded? A systematic review
ObjectivesThis review assessed the confounding effect of one traffic-related exposure (noise or air pollutants) on the association between the other exposure and cardiovascular outcomes.MethodsAExpand
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Variability in Temperature-Related Mortality Projections under Climate Change
Background: Most studies that have assessed impacts on mortality of future temperature increases have relied on a small number of simulations and have not addressed the variability and sources ofExpand
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Review Article: Vulnerability to Heat-related Mortality A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Meta-regression Analysis
Background: Addressing vulnerability to heat-related mortality is a necessary step in the development of policies dictated by heat action plans. We aimed to provide a systematic assessment of theExpand
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Extreme Heat and Risk of Early Delivery Among Preterm and Term Pregnancies
Background: The relationship between ambient temperature and risk of delivery is poorly understood. We examined the association between heat and risk of delivery among preterm and term pregnanciesExpand
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Prediction of the indoor temperatures of an urban area with an in-time regression mapping approach
Excess mortality has been noted during high ambient temperature episodes. During such episodes, individuals are not likely to be uniformly exposed to temperatures within cities. Exposure ofExpand
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Spatiotemporal Modeling of Ozone Levels in Quebec (Canada): A Comparison of Kriging, Land-Use Regression (LUR), and Combined Bayesian Maximum Entropy–LUR Approaches
Background: Ambient air ozone (O3) is a pulmonary irritant that has been associated with respiratory health effects including increased lung inflammation and permeability, airway hyperreactivity,Expand
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