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Techniques of representation theory
Introduction 1. Algebras and modules 2. Quivers and algebras 3. Representations and modules 4. Auslander-Reiten theory 5. Nakayama algebras and representation-finite group algebras 6. Tilting theoryExpand
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Classification of discrete derived categories
The main aim of the paper is to classify the discrete derived categories of bounded complexes of modules over finite dimensional algebras.
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Representation-finite biserial algebras.
An algebra A is called biserial (cf. [9]) if the radical of any indecomposable nonuniserial projective, left or right, ^4-module is a sum of two uniserial submodules whose intersection is simple orExpand
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The algebras of semi-invariants of quivers
We show that the algebras of semi-invariants of a finite connected quiverQ are complete intersections if and only ifQ is of Dynkin or Euclidean type. Moreover, we give a uniform description of theExpand
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Deformed preprojective algebras of generalized Dynkin type
We introduce the class of deformed preprojective algebras of generalized Dynkin graphs An (n > 1), D n (n > 4), EG, E 7 , Eg and L n (n ≥ 1) and prove that it coincides with the class of all basicExpand
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