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Evaluation-Relaxation Schemes for Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms
This study investigates one such class of efficiency-enhancement technique called evaluation relaxation. Expand
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Social media for disaster relief — Geo distributed social service system
We propose GDSS (Geo Distributed Social Service System), an emergency distress relief system using social networking platform for dealing with disaster situations. Expand
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Cryptography: The Art of Secret Writing
Android Application for Content Query from Fedena based School Management Server
In this paper we describe the original work done in the development of Android application for content query from Fedena (open source School management system). Expand
Compliance of dentists with safety standards of dental radiology
Objectives: To carry out a survey among dentists to assess the awareness about radiation protection, attitude of the practitioner toward radiation protection, methods of radiation protection beingExpand
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Text Segregation On Asynchronous Group Chat
An innovative pipeline based on heuristics is designed to address text segregation for multi-party asynchronous chat in a non-sequential manner. Expand
2 Calculating Successor Matrix for General Graphs
1. An O(mm(n) log(n)) = O(nω+ ) algorithm which finds the shortest distance matrix for a graph G by recursively finding the shortest distance matrix for the graph G2. 2. The problem of determiningExpand
1 Throughput-Optimal Policy for Generalized Network Flow Problems
In the twenty-first century of the all-pervasive Internet, when the annual global IP traffic is expected to exceed the threshold of a Zettabyte (10 bytes), the need for efficient networking policies,Expand
Content based person retrieval from video using forward backward frame check algorithm
This paper proposes a novel methodology to analyse videos for required person by means of context aware visual search. Expand