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Endocrine changes in male HIV patients.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To determine the frequency of adrenal, thyroid and gonadal dysfunction in HIV positive male patients and to evaluate the endocrine function at different level of CD4 cell counts.Expand
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Cytokine profile in human immunodeficiency virus positive patients with and without tuberculosis.
BACKGROUND Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection is associated with a profound dysregulation of the immune system and alterations in the cytokine profile. Tuberculosis, a common opportunisticExpand
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The pattern of rheumatoid arthritis in the Indian population: a prospective study.
Evaluation of polyarthritis in 110 patients in civilian and armed force life revealed 89 with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In the Indian population, RA seems milder and confined to the joints. AExpand
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Spectrum of seronegative spondarthritides (SSA) with special reference to HLA profiles.
The present study describes the profile of seronegative spondarthritides (SSA) in young servicemen. SSA was diagnosed in 63 patients from a prospective study on spondyloarthropathy. The SSA groupExpand
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Pharmacokinetic study of Piperine in Wistar rats after oral and intravenous administration
To evaluate the potential of piperine as a therapeutic agent, we considered whole animal studies to characterize its pharmacokinetics (PK) in Wistar rats after oral and intravenous (i.v.)Expand
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Preclinical Development of Crocus sativus-Based Botanical Lead IIIM-141 for Alzheimer’s Disease: Chemical Standardization, Efficacy, Formulation Development, Pharmacokinetics, and Safety Pharmacology
Crocus sativus L. (family: Iridaceae) has been documented in traditional medicine with numerous medicinal properties. Recently, we have shown that C. sativus extract (IIIM-141) displays promisingExpand
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Acute, sub-acute and general pharmacological evaluation of 5-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)-4-ethyl-2E,4E-pentadienoic acid piperidide (SK-20): a novel drug bioavailability enhancer.
An efflux pump inhibitor, SK-20 (5-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyle)-4 ethyl-2E,4E-pentadienoic acid piperidide), was assessed for its toxicity at three different pharmacological profiles: acute, sub-acuteExpand
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Evaluation of nootropic and neuroprotective effects of low dose aspirin in rats
Objective: To evaluate the nootropic and neuroprotective effects of aspirin in Sprague Dawley rats. Materials and Methods: Retention of conditioned avoidance response (CAR) and central 5-HT-mediatedExpand
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Clinical Spectrum of Chikungunya in Bikaner (North Western India) in 2006 and Follow up of Patients for Five Years.
OBJECTIVE To find out clinical and laboratory profile of patients of chikungunya outbreak in 2006 in Bikaner (North-West Rajasthan) and follow up of chikungunya patients for 5 years. METHODS StudyExpand
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A phase IV observational multi-centre, open-label study on efficacy and safety of tolperisone 150 mg in patients with painful muscle spasm associated with degenerative or inflammatory diseases of the
AIMS To generate real world clinical data on efficacy and tolerability of tolperisone 150 mg in painful muscle spasms in Indian population. SETTINGS AND DESIGN Prospective, open-labelled,Expand
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