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A literature review on trace metals and organic compounds of anthropogenic origin in the Wider Caribbean Region.
About 30 studies from the published literature were reviewed to determine the pollution status regarding heavy metals and organic compounds of the Wider Caribbean Region (WCR). The literatureExpand
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Effectiveness of ozone in combination with controlled atmosphere on quality characteristics including lignification of carrot sticks
Abstract Fresh-cut carrots were ozonized in water (1:2 w/v; @ 200 mg O 3 /h) for 10 min and stored under controlled atmosphere (CA) conditions (2% O 2 , 5% CO 2 and 93% N 2 ) at 6 ± 1 °C and 85% RHExpand
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Shellac and aloe-gel-based surface coatings for maintaining keeping quality of apple slices
Abstract Apple slices, ozonised in water (1:2 w/v; 200 mg O 3 /h, for 5 min) and then soaked in a solution containing ascorbic acid (200 mg kg −1 ), citric acid (200 mg kg −1 ) and sodium benzoateExpand
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Potential oil spill risk from shipping and the implications for management in the Caribbean Sea.
The semi enclosed Caribbean Sea is ranked as having one of the most intense maritime traffic in the world. These maritime activities have led to significant oil pollution. Simultaneously, this seaExpand
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Sustainable coastal ecosystem management – An evolving paradigm and its application to Caribbean SIDS
Abstract With our growing global population, over-consumption of natural resources and concomitant depletion, demands are placed on the scientific community to provide information, including suitableExpand
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Comprehension and use of anaphoric devices in young and older adults
In telling and retelling stories older adults produce more instances of ambiguous reference than young adults. The four experiments reported here suggest that this increase in ambiguous reference isExpand
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Transient absorption and higher-order nonlinearities in silver nanoplatelets
We show that the imaginary parts of higher-order optical nonlinearities and their decay times can be determined by a time-intensity domain analysis of the conventional transient absorption data.Expand
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Ultrafast third-order nonlinearity of silver nanospheres and nanodiscs
We have measured and compared the absolute values of nonlinear susceptibility of colloidal solutions containing silver nanospheres and nanodiscs at their respective plasmon peaks using a femtosecondExpand
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