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On-line non-sampling determination of the size and concentration of particles entrained in a gas.
A new approach is proposed for direct measurement of the aerodynamic diameter of particles entrained in a gas. A probe, which can be a pitot static tube, is inserted into the flow. The velocity ofExpand
Real-time holography using SeGe films
Optimization of thin film heads for resolution, peak shift and overwrite
Output response of thin film heads was analyzed using wavelength response to determine the optimum pole tip length for both low peak shift and high resolution. From the analytical analysis, thin filmExpand
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A floating gate method for MOS transistor gate capacitance and Leff measurements and its implementation in a parametric test
A method for the measurement of the effective channel length and gate capacitances of metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistors is introduced. This method translates capacitance measurement into aExpand