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Enteral nutritional support and use of diabetes-specific formulas for patients with diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
This systematic review shows that short- and long-term use of diabetes-specific formulas as oral supplements and tube feeds are associated with improved glycemic control compared with standard formulas, and may have implications for reducing chronic complications of diabetes, such as cardiovascular events. Expand
Searching for an operational definition of frailty: a Delphi method based consensus statement: the frailty operative definition-consensus conference project.
There is agreement on the usefulness of defining frailty in clinical settings as well as on its main dimensions, however, additional research is needed before an operative definition of frailty can be established. Expand
Impact of community pharmacy diabetes monitoring and education programme on diabetes management: a randomized controlled study
Diabet. Med. 29, e326–e333 (2012)
Frailty: An Emerging Public Health Priority.
The identification of frailty as a target for implementing preventive interventions against age-related conditions is pivotal and every effort should be made by health care authorities to maximize efforts in this field. Expand
Cognitive dysfunction in older subjects with diabetes mellitus: impact on diabetes self-management and use of care services. All Wales Research into Elderly (AWARE) Study.
Elderly subjects with predominantly Type 2 diabetes mellitus display significant excess of cognitive dysfunction, associated with poorer ability in diabetes self-care and greater dependency and routine screening of cognition in older subjects with diabetes is recommended. Expand
Effects of different exercise interventions on risk of falls, gait ability, and balance in physically frail older adults: a systematic review.
The multi-component exercise intervention composed by strength, endurance and balance training seems to be the best strategy to improve rate of falls, gait ability, balance, and strength performance in physically frail older adults. Expand
Efficacy and safety of canagliflozin compared with placebo in older patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: a pooled analysis of clinical studies
Canagliflozin improved glycaemic control, body weight, and systolic BP, and was generally well tolerated in older patients with T2DM. Expand
Diabetes mellitus in older people: position statement on behalf of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG), the European Diabetes Working Party for Older People (EDWPOP),
A collaborative Expert Group of the IAGG and EDWPOP and an International Task Force have explored the key issues that affect diabetes in older people using a robust method comprising a Delphi process and an evidence-based review of the literature. Expand
Frailty, sarcopenia and diabetes.
The relationship of frailty and sarcopenia to diabetes mellitus is explored and it is shown that persons with diabetes are at increased risk of mobility disability and disability in instrumental activities of daily living and activities ofdaily living. Expand
The primary care physician and Alzheimer’s disease: An international position paper
It is proposed that the PCP identifies ‘typical’ cases and a “case finding” strategy, in target situations in which dementia should be detected to allow, secondarily, a diagnosis of AD, in certain cases. Expand