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Chia Flour Supplementation Reduces Blood Pressure in Hypertensive Subjects
Chia flour has the ability to reduce ambulatory and clinical BP in both treated and untreated hypertensive individuals.
Potential ergogenic activity of grape juice in runners.
Recent studies have indicated that certain food products have ergogenic potential similar to that of sports supplements. The present study aimed to investigate the potential ergogenic effect of
Chia induces clinically discrete weight loss and improves lipid profile only in altered previous values.
Consumption of chia for 12 weeks promotes significant but discrete reduction in weight and waist circumference, and enhances lipid profile dependent of initial values.
Adverse Cardiovascular Effects from the Use of Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids as Ergogenic Resources
This review evaluates the documented cardiovascular functioning among anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) users. AAS users manifest a reduction in HDL cholesterol, increased inflammatory markers, and
Active Intervals Between Sets of Resistance Exercises Potentiate the Magnitude of Postexercise Hypotension in Elderly Hypertensive Women
This is the first time that AIs between sets in a session of resistance exercises have been shown to be a highly effective methodological strategy to increase PEH in elderly hypertensive women.
Spirulina does not decrease muscle damage nor oxdidative stress in cycling athletes with adequate nutritional status.
It is concluded that administration of Spirulina does not interfere in the magnitude of muscle damage nor in antioxidant status of cycling athletes that practice intense training.
Acute Aerobic Swimming Exercise Induces Distinct Effects in the Contractile Reactivity of Rat Ileum to KCl and Carbachol
The ileum sensitivity to contractile agents is differentially altered by the acute aerobic swimming exercise, without affecting the oxidative stress and the morphology of ileu smooth muscle.
Supplementation with Watermelon Extract Reduces Total Cholesterol and LDL Cholesterol in Adults with Dyslipidemia under the Influence of the MTHFR C677T Polymorphism
The consumption of this functional food represents an alternative therapy in the combined treatment of patients with dyslipidemia, promoting health and minimizing the development of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.