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An NMR study of icosahedral heteroatom borane derivatives
Abstract An extensive study of 13C and 11B shielding values of icosahedral heteroatom boranes is described. Shielding effects on polyhedral atoms due to variations (a) in directly bondedExpand
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Photothermally induced Bergman cyclization of metalloenediynes via near-infrared ligand-to-metal charge-transfer excitation.
Reaction of 1,2-bis(tert-butyldimethylsilyloxy)-4,5-diiodobenzene with 2 equiv of phenylacetylene followed by deprotection with KF/HBr yields the catechol-enediyne ligandExpand
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Perfluoroalkyl-substituted triazapentadienes and their metal complexes.
Triazapentadienides, C(3)F(7)-C(=NR)-N=C(NHR)-C(3)F(7), result from the reaction of primary amines RNH(2) with the fluorinated imine C(3)F(7)-CF=N-C(4)F(9). The aniline derivative (R = Ph) is a weakExpand
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Structure and Dynamics in a Bis(perfluoroalkyl)triazapentadiene Methylmercury Compound
The compound [Ph2N3C2(C3F7)2]HgCH3 was synthesized from Na[Ph2N3C2(C3F7)2] and CH3HgCl. In solution, it exists as a mixture of two isomers that interconvert slowly on the NMR time scale. Both isomersExpand
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Studies in boron hydrides—V: Assignment of the 11B NMR spectrum of the tridecahydro decaborate(1−) ion
Abstract The 70·6 MHz 11B NMR spectrum of B10H13− consists of four doublets of relative intensities 2:1:5:2 which are assigned to B(6, 9); B(1 or 3): B(5, 7, 8, 10 and 1 or 3); and B(2,4)Expand
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In search for structure of active site in iron-based oxygen reduction electrocatalysts.
  • Manish Jain, S. Chou, A. Siedle
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The journal of physical chemistry. B
  • 9 March 2006
Calculations to elucidate the structure of Fe-based electrocatalysts were performed. Lowest energy configurations for incorporation of nitrogen in bulk of graphene sheet as well as on edge wereExpand
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Reactions of the perfluoroalkyltriazapentadiene Ph2N3C2(C3F7)2H with acids, bases, and water.
Treatment of the bis(perfluoroalkyl)triazapentadiene PhN=C(C(3)F(7))-N=C(C(3)F(7))-NHPh, 2, with bases affords salts of the conjugate base. Alkylation of the Na(+) salt with CH(3)I yieldsExpand
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Vibrational spectroscopic investigation of stereoregularity effects on syndiotactic polypropylene structure and morphology
Abstract Vibrational spectroscopy is used to sensitively detect specific morphologies and microstructures present in metallocene-catalyzed syndiotactic polypropylenes (sPP). Six materials, ranging inExpand
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