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Cardiovascular changes during underwater static and dynamic breath-hold dives in trained divers.
Limited information exists concerning arterial blood pressure (BP) changes in underwater breath-hold diving. Simulated chamber dives to 50 m of freshwater (mfw) reported very high levels of invasiveExpand
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Underwater study of arterial blood pressure in breath-hold divers.
Knowledge regarding arterial blood pressure (ABP) values during breath-hold diving is scanty. It derives from a few reports of measurements performed at the water's surface, showing slight or noExpand
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Wireless Platform for Monitoring of Physiological Parameters of Cattle
Monitoring of cattle and their physiological parameters are understood to be important for maximization of milk production, prevention of health problems, nutrition planning etc. Wireless andExpand
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Smart Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor for Personal Protective Equipment
Self contained closed circuit rebreathers are life supporting breathing systems, where the exhaled gas is recycled by filtering CO2 and replacing metabolized O2. For the O2 injection control galvanicExpand
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Embedded data logging platform for research in diving physiology
The present paper describes the development of an embedded data logging platform for research in diving physiology. Expand
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A novel wearable apnea dive computer for continuous plethysmographic monitoring of oxygen saturation and heart rate.
We describe the development of a novel wrist-mounted apnea dive computer. The device is able to measure and display transcutaneous oxygen saturation, heart rate, plethysmographic pulse waveform,Expand
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An underwater blood pressure measuring device.
Measurement of arterial blood pressure is an important vital sign for monitoring the circulation. However, up to now no instrument has been available that enables the measurement of blood pressureExpand
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Advanced instrumentation for research in diving and hyperbaric medicine.
Improving the safety of diving and increasing knowledge about the adaptation of the human body to underwater and hyperbaric environment require specifically developed underwater instrumentation forExpand
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Dive Computers: The Need for Validation and Standards
The publication of the Proceedings of the Validation of Dive Computer Workshop is cosponsored by NTNU and the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. The symposium was convened by the Baromedical andExpand
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