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Synthesis of High-Performance Parallel Programs for a Class of ab Initio Quantum Chemistry Models
This paper provides an overview of a program synthesis system for a class of quantum chemistry computations. Expand
Automatic code generation for many-body electronic structure methods: the tensor contraction engine
We present an overview of the Tensor Contraction Engine (TCE), a unique effort to address issues of both productivity and performance through automatic code generation. Expand
Automated Operation Minimization of Tensor Contraction Expressions in Electronic Structure Calculations
We develop an effective heuristic approach to the operation minimization problem, and demonstrate its effectiveness on tensor contraction expressions for coupled cluster equations. Expand
Free massless higher-superspin superfields on the anti-de Sitter superspace
Free massless higher-superspin superfields on the N=1, D=4 anti-de Sitter superspace are introduced. The linearized gauge transformations are postulated. Two families of dually equivalentExpand
N = 2 supersymmetry of higher superspin massless theories
Abstract We present N = 2 supersymmetry transformations, both in N = 1, D = 4 Minkowski and anti-de Sitter superspaces, for higher superspin massless theories. It is noted that the existence of dualExpand
Towards a unified theory of massless superfields of all superspins
Abstract We describe the universal linearized action for massless superfields of all superspins in N = 1, D = 4 anti-de Sitter superspace as a gauge theory of unconstrained superfields taking theirExpand
Quantization of higher spin superfields in the anti-de Sitter superspace
Abstract Lagrangian quantization of the free superfield gauge theories of higher massless superspins is performed both in anti-de Sitter and flat superspaces. For the models under consideration theExpand
The approach is proposed to unification of the string theory and the two-dimensional gravity. Three classically equivalent forms are given. The one-loop counterterms are calculated in harmonic andExpand