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A revision of the subtract-with-borrow random number generators
  • A. Sibidanov
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • Comput. Phys. Commun.
  • 8 May 2017
The most popular and widely used subtract-with-borrow generator, also known as RANLUX, is reimplemented as a linear congruential generator using large integer arithmetic with the modulus size of 576 bits to show a significant gain in generation speed. Expand
Semileptonic B decays at Belle
Recent results from the Belle experiment on semileptonic decays of B-mesons are reviewed, including their effect on the determination of the CKM matrix elements |Vcb| and |Vub|.
± → μ ± ν̄ μ ) at KLOE
A preliminary measurement of R = Γ(K± → e±ν̄e)/Γ(K± → μ±ν̄μ) at the KLOE experiment is discussed. The result, R = (2.55± 0.05± 0.05)× 10−5, is based on 1.7 fb−1 of luminosity integrated on the φExpand