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The growth level of new media Technologies have become global phenomenon. Expand
The Role of Credited Co-Curricular Programmes on the Internationalization and Infusing Values into Student's Personality: The IIUM Model
Credited co-curricular programmes are skills and proficiencies aimed at helping students to achieve extra competences within the academic syllabus or the main programme of study. The aim is toExpand
Islam as a unifying force in Somali politics
This paper contends that Islam remains to be the unifying factor in Somali politics. Substantiations of this discernment are traced from the history of Somali politics and the role played by Islam. AExpand
Explorations on the Abbasids Political Culture in Pursuit of Sustainable System of Governance in the Muslim World
Today democracy and good governance are absent from the Muslim world. Some attribute this to the religion of Islam itself while others, the mainstream of the world community, have attributed it toExpand
The Role of Islam and Natural Resources in Current Mali Political Turmoil
In the recent times, the Republic of Mali has been striving to restore peace and harmony in the state. The conflict initiated by insurgent Islamist groups fighting against the Malian government forExpand
Ethics of engineering education
Ethics of Engineering Education is a result of an international conference organized by the Faculty of Engineering, International Islamic University Malaysia. It consists of ten parts includingExpand
Ethical And Religious Analysis On Euthanasia
This paper is an analysis on euthanasia from ethical and religious perspectives. Historically, the classical Greek thinkers including Aristotle had categorically accepted euthanasia with the mainExpand
Understanding Engineering Ethics
Engineering ethics aims to enhance engineer’s ability to confront moral issues raised by engineering activities. It covers engineering as social experimentation, the engineer’s responsibility forExpand
The impact of different history curricula on Somali students’ patriotism
This study explores the perception of secondary history curricula among Somali students in Malaysian institutions of higher education. To the researcher’s knowledge, no study has examined the impactExpand