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Depolarization and Faraday effects in galaxies
Faraday rotation and depolarization of synchrotron radio emission are considered in a consistent general approach, under conditions typical of spiral galaxies, i.e. when the magneto-ionic medium andExpand
Galactic Magnetism: Recent developments and perspectives
▪ Abstract We discuss current observational and theoretical knowledge of magnetic fields, especially the large-scale structure in the disks and halos of spiral galaxies. Among other topics, weExpand
Magnetic fields and spiral arms in the galaxy M51
We use new multiwavelength radio observations, made with the VLA and Effelsberg telescopes, to study the magnetic field of the nearby galaxy M51 on scales from 200 pc to several kpc. InterferometricExpand
A Survey of Extragalactic Faraday Rotation at High Galactic Latitude: The Vertical Magnetic Field of the Milky Way Toward the Galactic Poles
We present a study of the vertical magnetic field of the Milky Way toward the Galactic poles, determined from observations of Faraday rotation toward more than 1000 polarized extragalactic radioExpand
A supernova-regulated interstellar medium: Simulations of the turbulent multiphase medium
The dynamic state of the interstellar medium, heated and stirred by supernovae (SNe), is simulated using a three-dimensional, nonideal MHD model in a domain extended 0.5×0.5 kpc horizontally and 2Expand
Evolving turbulence and magnetic fields in galaxy clusters
We discuss, using simple analytical models and magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulations, the origin and parameters of turbulence and magnetic fields in galaxy clusters. Any pre-existing tangled magneticExpand
Structures in the rotation measure sky
Coherent structures in the distribution of the Faraday rotation measure (RM) of extragalactic radio sources are isolated using wavelet transformation techniques. A new algorithm of wavelet analysisExpand
Galactic dynamo and helicity losses through fountain flow
Aims. Nonlinear behaviour of galactic dynamos is studied, allowing for magnetic helicity removal by the galactic fountain flow. Methods. A suitable advection speed is estimated, and a one-dimensionalExpand
The role of waterways in the spread of the Neolithic
The causes and implications of the regional variations in the spread of the incipient agriculture in Europe remain poorly understood. We use population dynamics models to study the dispersal of theExpand
The supernova-regulated ISM – I. The multiphase structure
We simulate the multiphase interstellar medium (ISM) randomly heated and stirred by supernovae (SNe), with gravity, differential rotation and other parameters of the solar neighbourhood. Here weExpand