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Controlling wettability and hydrophobicity of organoclays modified with quaternary ammonium surfactants.
The montmorillonite clays were modified with quaternary ammonium salts (QASs) having different alkyl chain lengths and a benzyl substitute group. The modified organoclays were characterized byExpand
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Selective capture of CO2 by poly(amido amine) dendrimer-loaded organoclays
Clay loaded poly(amido amine) dendrimers were explored for capture and storage of CO2. The loading of dendrimer was promotive in the order of laponite > hydrotalcite > sericite and depended on theExpand
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Quality by Design approach for an in situ gelling microemulsion of Lorazepam via intranasal route.
The present study illustrates the application of the concept of Quality by Design for development, optimization and evaluation of Lorazepam loaded microemulsion containing ion responsive In situExpand
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Novel strategy involving surfactant-polymer combinations for enhanced stability of aqueous teflon dispersions.
Among various polymers, the Teflon surface possesses extreme hydrophobicity (low surface energy), which is of great interest to both industry and academia. In this report, we discuss the stability ofExpand
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Recent advances in hybrid solar cells based on natural dye extracts from Indian plant pigment as sensitizers
Abstract Alternate energy source has become imperative for green energy solution against ever growing demand. Hybrid solar cell is yet another promising option toward green energy providingExpand
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Photocatalytic degradation of pharmaceutical and pesticide compounds (PPCs) using doped TiO2 nanomaterials: A review
Abstract Alarming level water pollution is a serious concern in heavily industrialized countries. The development of advanced waste water treatment techniques and their utilization is sought forExpand
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Controlling structure from the bottom-up: structural and optical properties of layer-by-layer assembled palladium coordination-based multilayers.
Layer-by-layer assembly of two palladium coordination-based multilayers on silicon and glass substrates is presented. The new assemblies consist of rigid-rod chromophores connected by terminalExpand
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Strategies for electrooptic film fabrication. Influence of pyrrole-pyridine-based dibranched chromophore architecture on covalent self-assembly, thin-film microstructure, and nonlinear optical
The new dibranched, heterocyclic "push-pull" chromophores bis{1-(pyridin-4-yl)-2-[2-(N-methylpyrrol-5-yl)]ethane}methane (1), 1-(pyrid-4-yl)-2-(N-methyl-5-formylpyrrol-2-yl)ethylene (2),Expand
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β-Cyclodextrin-Assisted Intervalence Charge Transfer in Mixed-Valent [2]Rotaxane Complexes Having Metal Centers Linked by an Interrupted π-Electron System.
FeII to RuIII electron transfer is initiated by the inclusion of saturated bridging ligands into the β-cyclodextrin (CD) cavity of [2]rotaxane complexes and is observed as an intervalence chargeExpand
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