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Internet Regulation Media Coverage in Russia: Topics and Countries
This paper presents the findings of an ongoing project on media coverage of Internet regulation in Russia in its remarkable trajectory from 2009 to 2017. Expand
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Individualization and Social Solidarity in Post-Communist Countries: Do Old Divisions Hold?
Social solidarity covers the effective principles of social organization in a given society. Such principles are manifested in formal and informal practices and shape the social contract behind theExpand
The article reviews and analyses Russian surveys on subjective well-being, one of the key noneconomic indicators of social development. Two main indicators, the level of happiness and overall lifeExpand
Internet Regulation: A Text-Based Approach to Media Coverage
Internet regulation in Russia has vigorously expanded in recent years to transform the relatively free communication environment of the 2000s into a heavily regulated one. Our goal was to identifyExpand
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Generalized Trust and Media Consumption in Democratic and Nondemocratic Societies
Generalized trust is an information- and risk-based resource enabling communication in modern society. Mass media channels can reduce or increase generalized trust, but their effects are dependent onExpand
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Protestant Work Ethic Among the Muslims: Changeable Empirical Evidence
This paper deals with the recently revealed paradox that contemporary Muslims demonstrate a stronger Protestant work ethic (PWE) than contemporary Protestants do. I test whether this paradox isExpand
Multilevel Modeling For Economists: Why, When And How
We review the methodological literature and contrast the econometric techniques typically used in economics with the analysis of hierarchical data using MLM. Expand
A comparative study of work ethic among Muslims and Protestants: Multilevel evidence
This article deals with the recently revealed paradox that contemporary Muslims score higher on Protestant work ethic than contemporary Protestants. The author tests whether this phenomenon isExpand
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The Challenge of Digital Public Sphere in Belarus and Russia
The rise of social media in Eastern Europe demonstrates an impressive trajectory of creating islands of digital public sphere before their successive submission to state regulation, especially in theExpand