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Polyamine cytotoxicity in the presence of bovine serum amine oxidase.
It was deduced that acrolein is a major toxic compound produced from polyamines (spermine and spermidine) by amine oxidase, and other aldehydes (formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and propionaldehyde) and hydrogen peroxide were less toxic than ac rolein.
Attractive forces between cation condensed DNA double helices.
By combining single-molecule magnetic tweezers and osmotic stress on DNA assemblies, this work identifies two invariant properties of multivalent cation-mediated DNA interactions: repulsive forces decay exponentially with a characteristic decay length and the attractive component of the free energy is always 2.3 +/- 0.2 times larger than the repulsive component ofthe free energy at force-balance equilibrium.
The second nation-wide survey in Japan of vitamin K deficiency in infancy
Liver dysfunction of unknown origin may play some role in the onset of vitamin K deficiency in infancy in infants over 2 weeks of age.
Independent roles of eIF5A and polyamines in cell proliferation.
Results show that a decrease in either active eIF5A or polyamines inhibits cell growth, indicating that eif5A and polyamines are independently involved in cell growth.
Identification of the Putrescine Recognition Site on Polyamine Transport Protein PotE*
It was found that the putrescine and ornithine recognition site on PotE is located at the cytoplasmic surface and the vestibule of the pore consisting of 12 transmembrane segments.
Decrease in serum adiponectin level due to obesity and visceral fat accumulation in children.
Serum adiponectin level is decreased in obese children depending on the accumulation of visceral fat and is restored toward normal level by slimming.
Postnatal development of orexin/hypocretin in rats.
High molecular weight, rather than total, adiponectin levels better reflect metabolic abnormalities associated with childhood obesity.
Japanese obese children are prone to obesity-induced metabolic derangement, which is linked to serum adipocytokine profile even in children, and high molecular-weight adiponectin (H-Adn) is associated with the development of metabolic syndrome, even in childhood.
Interaction of a polyamine analogue, 1,19-bis-(ethylamino)-5,10,15- triazanonadecane (BE-4-4-4-4), with DNA and effect on growth, survival, and polyamine levels in seven human brain tumor cell lines.
A pentamine, 1,19-bis(ethylamino)-5,10,15- triazanonadecane (BE-4-4,4- 4-4), that had these characteristics was designed; the cytotoxicity of the analogue varied among cell lines; DAOY and SF-767 were the most sensitive and the most resistant lines, respectively.