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Proposed Experiment to Test Local Hidden Variable Theories.
A theorem of Bell, proving that certain predictions of quantum mechanics are inconsistent with the entire family of local hidden-variable theories, is generalized so as to apply to realizableExpand
Bell’s theorem without inequalities
It is demonstrated that the premisses of the Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen paper are inconsistent when applied to quantum systems consisting of at least three particles. The demonstration reveals that theExpand
The logic of quantum mechanics
Editor's statement Foreword Preface Part I. Hilbert-Space Quantum Mechanics 1. Static description of quantum mechanics 2. States 3. Physical quantities 4. Spin and motion 5. Superselection rules 6.Expand
Bell's theorem. Experimental tests and implications
Bell's theorem represents a significant advance in understanding the conceptual foundations of quantum mechanics. The theorem shows that essentially all local theories of natural phenomena that areExpand
Search For A Naturalistic World View
Abner Shimony an eminent philosopher of science, whose work has exerted a profound influence in both the philosophy and physics communities. This two-volume collection of his essays written over aExpand
Coherence and the Axioms of Confirmation
  • A. Shimony
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • J. Symb. Log.
  • 1 March 1955
Optimal distinction between two non-orthogonal quantum states
Abstract Two procedures are developed for classifying an individual system as | p > or | q >, non-orthogonal, given an ensemble with respective proportions r and 1— r . One (generalizing Ivanovic,Expand
The Philosophy of Niels Bohr: The Framework of Complementarity
Introduction. 1 . What is complementarity? 2 . Bohr's philosophical orientation. 3 . Quantum theory and the description of nature. 4 . The birth of complementarity. 5 . The refinement ofExpand