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The Creeping Resurgence of the Ukrainian Radical Right? The Case of the Freedom Party
Abstract In the context of the rise of radical right-wing parties in most European countries, the enduring absence of a far-right group in the Ukrainian parliament seems paradoxical. However, recentExpand
Interactive assessment of simulated service qualities by business stakeholders: principles and research issues
We present the principles of an approach supporting the stakeholder involvement in a software process for service-oriented systems in a form of assessing the perceived quality of the software underExpand
The “Orange revolution” and the “sacred” birth of a civic-republican Ukrainian nation
The article analyzes the “sacred” dimension of the Ukrainian “Orange revolution”, its festive or carnivalesque quality, and properties of a communal ritual. The author argues that Ukrainian citizensExpand
White Power Music and Interconnected Issues in in the CzechRepublic, 1999-2011
This chapter deals with the development of white power music in the Czech Republic in 1999-2011. Historical legacy, governmental measures, interconnection with political parties, main bands, nationalExpand
Aleksandr Dugin's Neo‐Eurasianism: The New Right à la Russe1
Russian political thinker and, by his own words, geopolitician, Aleksandr Dugin, represents a comparatively new trend in the radical Russian nationalist thought. In the course of the 1990s, heExpand
Is Aleksandr Dugin a Traditionalist?“Neo‐Eurasianism” and Perennial Philosophy
H ow relevant is Integral Traditionalism or Philosophia Perennis to an adequate assessment of the multifaceted phenomenon of post-Soviet Russian "neo-Eurasianism," as a whole, and to the eclecticExpand
The Maidan and Beyond: Ukraine’s Radical Right
Abstract:Thanks largely to the Kremlin’s information war, Ukraine’s ultranationalists have become global media stars of a sort, depicted in Western and other reports as key players in Ukraine’s thirdExpand