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Inulin: Properties, health benefits and food applications.
Inulin is a water soluble storage polysaccharide and belongs to a group of non-digestible carbohydrates called fructans. Inulin has attained the GRAS status in USA and is extensively available inExpand
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Yeast, its types and role in fermentation during bread making process-A Review
The art of bread making goes back to very early stages of different historical eras. Bread is an important part of the human diet, but for many people, it is much more than just providing nutrients.Expand
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A comprehensive review on wheat flour dough rheology
The applications of rheology to the main processes encountered during bread making (mixing, fermentation and baking) are reviewed. Factors affecting dough rheology and influences of various additivesExpand
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A Competitive Flow Cytometry Screening System for Directed Evolution of Therapeutic Enzyme.
A ligand-mediated eGFP-expression system (LiMEx) was developed as a novel flow cytometry based screening platform that relies on a competitive conversion/binding of arginine between arginineExpand
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Salt reduction in baked products: Strategies and constraints
Abstract Background Increased consumption of processed foods especially baked products containing high amounts of sodium directly relates to the higher prevalence of hypertension and other relatedExpand
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Porosity and stability of bread dough during proofing determined by video image analysis for different compositions and mixing conditions
A method was developed to study the modifications of volume and shape of wheat flour dough during fermentation process by digital camera. Various compositions and mixing conditions were implementedExpand
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Effect of Basil Seed Gum on Physico‐Chemical and Rheological Properties of Bread
Current study was performed to evaluate the effect of basil seed gum on physicochemical, sensorial, and rheological parameters of bread. Purposely, gum was extracted from basil seeds followed by itsExpand
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Chemical and mineral analysis of garlic: a golden herb.
Garlic is commonly used as flavoring, culinary and herbal remedies. It is an essential vegetable throughout the world not only as a spice but also a traditional medicine. In the present researchExpand
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Processing doughs for bread with improved nutritional properties through incorporation of dietary fibres
A well-balanced diet with emphasis on increased consumption of complex carbohydrates with low glycemic index is a major nutritional goal for public health. Bread can significantly contribute to thisExpand
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P450 BM3 crystal structures reveal the role of the charged surface residue Lys/Arg184 in inversion of enantioselective styrene epoxidation.
Solved crystal structures of P450 BM3 variants in complex with styrene provide on the molecular level a first explanation of how a positively charged surface residue inverts the enantiopreference ofExpand
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