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Agriculture and urban activities are major sources of phosphorus and nitrogen to aquatic ecosystems. Atmospheric deposition further contributes as a source of N. These nonpoint inputs of nutrientsExpand
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Managing Agricultural Phosphorus for Protection of Surface Waters: Issues and Options
The accelerated eutrophication of most freshwaters is limited by P inputs. Nonpoint sources of P in agricultural runoff now contribute a greater portion of freshwater inputs, due to easierExpand
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Relating Extractable Soil Phosphorus to Phosphorus Losses in Runoff
Phosphorus in agricultural runoff can cause accelerated lake and stream eutrophication. Where producers have applied P at rates exceeding crop uptake, soil P has sometimes become the main source of PExpand
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Phosphorus forms in manure and compost and their release during simulated rainfall
The large accumulation of P in manure from animal feeding operations in localized areas has increased the potential for P export following land application. Impairment of freshwater quality byExpand
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Agricultural Phosphorus and Eutrophication: A Symposium Overview
Phosphorus in runoff from agricultural land is an important component of nonpoint-source pollution and can accelerate eutrophication of lakes and streams. Long-term land application of P asExpand
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Phosphorus legacy: overcoming the effects of past management practices to mitigate future water quality impairment.
The water quality response to implementation of conservation measures across watersheds has been slower and smaller than expected. This has led many to question the efficacy of these measures and toExpand
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Dependence of runoff phosphorus on extractable soil phosphorus
The sustainable management of fertilizer and manure P to minimize freshwater eutrophication requires identification of soil P levels that exceed crop P requirements and have the potential for PExpand
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Approximating phosphorus release from soils to surface runoff and subsurface drainage.
Phosphorus application in excess of crop needs has increased the concentration of P in surface soil and runoff and led many states to develop P-based nutrient management strategies. However,Expand
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Agricultural Phosphorus and Eutrophication
Sharpley, A.N., T. Daniel, T. Sims, J. Lemunyon, R. Stevens, and R. Parry. 1999. Agricultural Phosphorus and Eutrophication. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, ARS–149, 42Expand
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