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Effect of increasing temperature on yield of some winter crops in northwest India
The effect of increase in temperature on grain yield of some winter crops (wheat, mustard, barley and chickpea) in northwest India was evaluated on the basis of historic records and through a dynamicExpand
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Saccadic localization of random dot targets
The targets for saccadic eye movements in natural visual scenes are spatially extended objects, yet saccades land at a single position within them. To characterize the spatial transformation thatExpand
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Seismic Floor Spectra by Mode Acceleration Approach
The truncation of the high frequency modes, so commonly used in dynamic structural analysis, sometimes can cause significant errors in the calculated response; this is caused by the so‐called missingExpand
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Histogenesis of thyroid gland in buffalo
The thyroid gland is the first endocrine gland of the body to develop as a ventral-midline-endodermal diverticulum from the floor of the fore-gut at a level between the first and second pharyngealExpand
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A bifunctional allosteric site in the dimer interface of procaspase-3.
The dimer interface of caspase-3 contains a bifunctional allosteric site in which the enzyme can be activated or inactivated, depending on the context of the protein. In the mature caspase-3, theExpand
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Floor spectra by mode acceleration-based response spectrum approach for nonclassically damped structures
Abstract Mode truncation is often used in seismic structural analyses of the classically as well as the nonclassically damped structures. In some cases, however, it can introduce significant error inExpand
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Pointwise Pseudo-slant Warped Product Submanifolds in a Kähler Manifold
The purpose of this paper is to study the pointwise pseudo-slant warped product submanifolds of a Kähler manifold $$\widetilde{M}$$M~. We derive the conditions of integrability and totally geodesicExpand
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Casson fluid flow toward a vertical plate embedded in porous medium in presence of heat source / sink
Abhay Jha Corresponding Author Abstract Casson fluid flow through a porous medium towards a vertical plate in presence of heat generation or absorption is considered in this analysis. The governingExpand
Pointwise Semi-Slant Warped Product Submanifold in a Lorentzian Paracosymplectic Manifold
Recently Y{u}ksel et. al. \cite{SY} shows that there doesn't exist any proper semi-slant warped product submanifolds in a Lorentzian paracosymplectic manifold. In the present article, we first defineExpand
Complete and incomplete fusion reactions in the 12 C + 169 Tm
Abstract Excitation functions of evaporation residues produced in 12 C + 169 Tm reaction have been measured at several beam energies in the range of 60–84 MeV using recoil catcher technique followedExpand
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