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Chromium toxicity in plants.
Due to its wide industrial use, chromium is considered a serious environmental pollutant. Contamination of soil and water by chromium (Cr) is of recent concern. Toxicity of Cr to plants depends onExpand
Selenium – an antioxidative protectant in soybean during senescence
Selenium (Se) is regarded as an antioxidant in animals and plants, even though considered as non-essential element in plants. To test its ability to counteract senescence related oxidative stress inExpand
Differential antioxidative response of ascorbate glutathione pathway enzymes and metabolites to chromium speciation stress in green gram (Vigna radiata (L.) R.Wilczek. cv CO 4) roots
Abstract The response of the antioxidant enzymes and metabolites of the ascorbate glutathione pathway to oxidative stress caused by equal concentration (50 μM) of Cr(III) and Cr(VI) was studied inExpand
Chromium interactions in plants: current status and future strategies.
Chromium has received relatively little attention from plant scientists compared to other heavy metals in recent times in spite of it being a very a hazardous environmental pollutant. One of theExpand
Crop Stress and its Management: Perspectives and Strategies
Edited by B. Venkateswarlu, A.K. Shanker, C. Shanker, and M. Maheswari. Springer, 11 West 42nd St., New York, NY 10036. 2011. Hardcover, 628 pp. $196.34. ISBN 978-94-007-2219-4. In plants, biotic andExpand
Rice can acclimate to lethal level of salinity by pretreatment with sublethal level of salinity through osmotic adjustment
The physiological ability to adapt for various environmental changes is known as acclimation. When exposed to sublethal level of stress, plants develop the ability to withstand severe stress, asExpand
Osmotic adjustment, drought tolerance and yield in castor (Ricinus communis L.) hybrids.
Abstract A study was conducted to analyse the association of osmotic adjustment (OA) with drought tolerance and yield in castor (Ricinus communis L.). Hybrids (GCH4, DCH32 and DCH177) and theirExpand
Impact of selenium spray on monocarpic senescence of soybean (Glycine Max L.)
An experiment was conducted to study the effect of selenium on senescence phenomenon in soybean. Selenium was applied both as seed treatment at 5 ppm and as foliar spray at 50 and 100 ppm on 45, 60Expand
Drought stress responses in crops
Among the effects of impending climate change, drought will have a profound impact on crop productivity in the future. Response to drought stress has been studied widely, and the model plantExpand
Optimization of Agrobacterium mediated genetic transformation of cotyledonary node explants of Vigna radiata
A reproducible and highly efficient protocol for genetic transformation mediated by Agrobacterium has been established for greengram (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek). Double cotyledonary node (DCN)Expand