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Required Total System Performance and Results of a Short Term Conflict Alert Simulation Study
This paper documents work sponsored by the FAA, as part of the FAA’s Concept Validation Plan. It proposes performance metrics relating improvements in technical capability of air and ground elementsExpand
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ATM Operational Concepts and Technical Performance Requirements
This paper presents a methodology for the early phase of a systems engineering approach for airspace system definition. Expand
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Conflict Probe Concepts Analysis in Support of Free Flight
This study develops an operational concept and requirements for en route Free Flight using a simulation of the Cleveland Air Route Traffic Control Center, and develops requirements for an automatedExpand
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Complex Terminal Airspace Analysis Methodology for Evaluating FMS or RNAV Procedures
The paper summarizes an approach for airspace analysis methods to examine the operational suitability of proposed changes in complex, high-density airspace such as the New York Terminal Maneuvering...
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System dynamics application in air traffic management: A case study
In this paper, we present the results of a preliminary study which used SD to model the control of a single stream of aircraft. The initial model only considered longitudinal motion (no lateral orExpand
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Capacity-Enhancing Air Traffic Management Concept
This paper presents a capacity enhancing, gateto-gate air traffic management (ATM) operational concept for the US National Airspace System (NAS) in 2020. The concept defines five core services forExpand
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The Emergence of a Computer Integrated Manufacturing Facility: A Case Study
This paper outlines the results of a case study of a large manufacturing firm that is transforming its technoorganizational culture toward a form of computer integrated enterprise. It focuses on theExpand