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Effects of Amphetamine Therapy and Prescriptive Tutoring on the Behavior and Achievement of Lower Class Hyperactive Children
The present study had two primary objectives: (1) to evaluate the relatively long-term (4-6 months) effects of dextroamphetamine on the behavior, achievement, and perceptual-cognitive functioning ofExpand
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Differential Recognition of Tachistoscopically Presented English and Hebrew Words in Right and Left Visual Fields
In this study, the role of lateral cerebral dominance in the consistent finding of lower tachistoscopic thresholds in the right than in the left visual field for alphabetic material was tested forExpand
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Recognition of tachistoscopically presented verbal and non-verbal material after unilateral cerebral damage.
Abstract Three groups of S 's were examined in order to study the effects of unilateral brain-damage on recognition rates for verbal and non-verbal stimuli in the lateral visual fields. Patients withExpand
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The War Breaks Out
By 9.45 a.m. (West Longitude Time) Sunday, 7 December 1941, after less than two hours of devastating bombing by a Japanese airforce of 360 aircraft at Pearl Harbor, eight battleships of the UnitedExpand
The Chinese Perception
Anglo-Chinese relations reached their lowest ebb immediately after the Chinese Communist Party gained control of China. The process leading up to this was much more gradual than is generallyExpand
Britain, China and the End of Empire
'Whatever the ultimate outcome of the Pacific War, 15 February 1942 was the end of the British Empire; it was also the end of European Colonialism in Asia'.1 This is Jan Pluvier's view of the wideExpand
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Origins of the War in the East: Britain, China and Japan 1937-39
1. From an Incident to the Undeclared Sino-Japanese War 2.The League of Nations and the Brussels Conference of 1937 3. In Quest of a Policy: China and the Anglo-Saxon Powers 4.The War and StrategicExpand
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