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Analysis of human behavior recognition algorithms based on acceleration data
The automatic assessment of the level of independence of a person, based on the recognition of a set of Activities of Daily Living, is among the most challenging research fields in AmbientExpand
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Planning and obstacle avoidance in mobile robotics
The paper focuses on the navigation subsystem of a mobile robot which operates in human environments to carry out different tasks, such as transporting waste in hospitals or escorting people inExpand
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A public domain dataset for ADL recognition using wrist-placed accelerometers
The automatic monitoring of specific Activities of Daily Living (ADL) can be a useful tool for Human-Robot Interaction in smart environments and Assistive Robotics applications. The qualitativeExpand
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Path Following for Unicycle Robots With an Arbitrary Path Curvature
A new feedback control model is provided that allows a wheeled vehicle to follow a prescribed path. Differently from all other methods in the literature, the method that is proposed neither requiresExpand
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The artificial ecosystem: a distributed approach to service robotics
We propose a multiagent, distributed approach to autonomous mobile robotics which is an alternative to most existing systems in literature: robots are thought of as mobile units within an intelligentExpand
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Describing and Recognizing Patterns of Events in Smart Environments With Description Logic
This paper describes a system for context awareness in smart environments, which is based on an ontology expressed in description logic and implemented in OWL 2 EL, which is a subset of the WebExpand
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Communication and Coordination Among Heterogeneous Mid-Size Players: ART99
Distributed coordination among robotic soccer agents has been considered in the recent years within the framework offered by the RoboCup competitions, mostly in the simulation and F-180 leagues. InExpand
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Wearable Inertial Sensors: Applications, Challenges, and Public Test Benches
The recent technological advances in sensor miniaturization and embedded processing have provided new challenges and possibilities to the field of wearable computing. Two research areas areExpand
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Omnidirectional stereo systems for robot navigation
This paper discusses how stereo vision achieved through the use of omnidirectional sensors can help mobile robot navigation providing advantages, in terms of both versatility and performance, withExpand
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Visual feedback with multiple cameras in a UAVs Human-Swarm Interface
In all situations in which a wide area has to be monitored, a practice emerging in recent years consists in using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and in particular multirotors. Even if many stepsExpand
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