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The present catalogue contains 1,611 valid genera, 678 valid subgenera, 15,407 valid species, 1,042 valid subspecies and 9,381 names of invalid or nomenclaturally unavailable species-group orExpand
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Adiciones y Correcciones al Catálogo de Coleópteros Paleárticos, volúmenes 7 y 8 (Curculionoidea)
Additions, corrections, comments and nomenclatural novelties for the volumes 7 and 8 of the Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera are provided. For the exact authorship of these check the text. OneExpand
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Zonal recovery and orientation in respect to various stimuli of Heterocerus fenestratus Thunberg, 1784 (Coleoptera, Heteroceridae)
Abstract The orientation of heterocerid beetles, Heterocerus fenestratus Thunberg, from marsh and river banks was tested in the field by releasing specimens after removal from water and placing on aExpand
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Revision of the species of the genus Ceocephalus Guérin-Méneville [1833] (Coleoptera Brentidae) with 9-articulated antennae
The paper is the first contribution to the revision of the tropical oriental genus Ceocephalus Guerin-Meneville [1833] (= Diurus Pascoe 1862, new synonymy), and deals with the species having antennaeExpand
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Verso una strategia condivisa per la citizen science in Italia
Over the last decade, a growing number of countries in Europe have acknowledged the potential of citizen science as an effective model to inspire the science-policy interface and its role in theExpand