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Wirtinger-based integral inequality: Application to time-delay systems
In the last decade, the Jensen inequality has been intensively used in the context of time-delay or sampled-data systems since it is an appropriate tool to derive tractable stability conditionsExpand
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Robust sampled-data stabilization of linear systems: an input delay approach
A new approach to robust sampled-data control is introduced. The system is modelled as a continuous-time one, where the control input has a piecewise-continuous delay. Sufficient linear matrixExpand
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Stability of Discrete-Time Systems With Time-Varying Delays via a Novel Summation Inequality
This technical note is concerned with the stability analysis of discrete linear systems with time-varying delays. The novelty of the technical note comes from the consideration of a new inequalityExpand
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A novel stability analysis of linear systems under asynchronous samplings
  • A. Seuret
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  • 2012
This article proposes a novel approach to assess the stability of continuous linear systems with sampled-data inputs. The method, which is based on the discrete-time Lyapunov theorem, provides easyExpand
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Hierarchy of LMI conditions for the stability analysis of time-delay systems
Abstract Assessing stability of time-delay systems based on the Lyapunov–Krasovskii functionals has been the subject of many contributions. Most of the results are based, first, on an a priori designExpand
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Cooperative Control Design for Time-Varying Formations of Multi-Agent Systems
This paper deals with cooperative control design for nonlinear multi-agent systems. The control objective is to ensure that a group of agents reaches a formation characterized by externalExpand
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Stability of systems with fast-varying delay using improved Wirtinger's inequality
This paper considers the stability of systems with fast-varying delay. The novelty of the paper comes from the consideration of a new integral inequality which is proved to be less conservative thanExpand
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Translation control of a fleet circular formation of AUVs under finite communication range
This work proposes a control algorithm to stabilize a circular formation of AUVs tracking a time-varying center. We also consider the problem of uniform distribution of all the agents along theExpand
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Taking into account period variations and actuator saturation in sampled-data systems
This paper deals with the problem of stability and stabilization of sampled-data systems under asynchronous samplings and actuators saturation. The method is based, on the first hand, on the use of aExpand
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Networked control using GPS synchronization
This work concerns the control, the observation and then, the implementation principles of a remote system (master and slave parts) through the Internet network. This communication link introducesExpand
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