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Relativity and Engineering
1. Kinematics in Inertial Axes.- 1.1 The "Aether" in the Nineteenth Century.- 1.2 Some Experimental Evidence.- 1.3 Einstein's Relativity Postulates.- 1.4 Time and Length Standards. Synchronization.-Expand
Heat Flow and Distribution during Induction of General Anesthesia
The arms and legs are both important components of the peripheral thermal compartment, but distal segments contribute most, and core hypothermia during the first hour after induction resulted largely from redistribution of body heat, and redistribution remained the major cause even after 3 h of anesthesia. Expand
Leg Heat Content Continues to Decrease during the Core Temperature Plateau in Humans Anesthetized with Isoflurane
These data indicate that thermoregulatory vasoconstriction produces a clinically important reduction in the rate of core cooling, which resulted, at least in part, from sequestration of metabolic heat to the core which allowed core temperature to remain nearly constant, despite a continually decreasing body heat content. Expand
Heat Loss during Surgical Skin Preparation
Though heating the solutions and radiant warming decreased heat loss, such loss under each tested condition, was small compared to other causes of perioperative hypothermia, and the authors recommend that efforts to maintain intraoperative normothermla be directed elsewhere. Expand
Vacuum electron acceleration by an intense laser
Using 3D test particle simulations, the characteristics and essential conditions under which an electron, in a vacuum laser beam, can undergo a capture and acceleration scenario (CAS). When a{sub 0}Expand
Muon Collider Design
Parameters are given of machines with center-of-mass (CoM) energies of 3 TeV and 400 GeV but, besides a comment on neutrino radiation, the paper concentrates on progress on the design of a machine toExpand
Perioperative thermal insulation.
Heat loss in unanesthetized volunteers covered by one of the following: a cloth "split sheet" surgical drape; a Convertors disposable-paper split sheet; a Thermadrape disposable laparotomy sheet; an unheated Bair Hugger patient-warming blanket; 1.5-mil-thick plastic hamper bags; and a prewarmed, cotton hospital blanket is determined. Expand
The effect of finite resistance in the vacuum-tank walls on the longitudinal stability of an intense beam of particles in an accelerator is investigated theoretically. We show that even if theExpand
Superconducting non-scaling FFAG gantry for carbon/proton cancer therapy
We report on improvements in the non-scaling fixed field alternating gradient (FFAG) gantry design. As we previously reported [1], a major challenge of the carbon/proton cancer therapy facilities isExpand