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Chemical and medicobiological properties of chaga (review)
The physical and chemical characteristics of melanin (polyphenolic chromogenic humin-like complex present in chaga) and its role in the regulation of physiological processes are considered.
Measurement of segmental lumbar spine flexion and extension using ultrasound imaging.
A new method for the measurement of lumbar spine segmental flexion and extension motion using US imaging is described, which may offer an alternative to other imaging techniques to monitor clinical outcomes because of its ease of use and the consistency of measurements compared to MRI.
Stroke mortality disparities in the population of the Appalachian Mountain region.
  • A. Sergeev
  • Medicine, Political Science
    Ethnicity & disease
  • 2013
Racial disparities in stroke mortality exist in the Appalachian region, and rural-urban stroke mortality disparities were statistically significant outside Appalachia but not within Appalachia.
Hospitalization Rates for Coronary Heart Disease in Relation to Residence Near Areas Contaminated with Persistent Organic Pollutants and Other Pollutants
The hypothesis that living near a POP-contaminated site constitutes a risk of exposure and of development of CHD and AMI is indirectly supported.
Racial and rural-urban disparities in stroke mortality outside the Stroke Belt.
Stoke mortality in the non-Stroke Belt states is disproportionately higher in African Americans and in rural area residents, and African Americans are the only racial group in which urban residency is not associated with a decrease in stroke mortality.
Residential proximity to environmental sources of persistent organic pollutants and first-time hospitalizations for myocardial infarction with comorbid diabetes mellitus: a 12-year population-based
Residential proximity to environmental sources of POPs is associated with a significant increase in hospitalization rates for first-time AMI with comorbid DM, compared to respective rates in populations not exposed to POPs.
“Whatdunit?” Developmental Changes in Children’s Syntactically-Based Sentence Interpretation Abilities and Sensitivity to Word Order
Aim 1 of this study was to examine the developmental changes in typically developing English-speaking children's syntactically based sentence interpretation abilities and sensitivity to word order.
Geospatial patterns of hospitalization rates for stroke with comorbid hypertension in relation to environmental sources of persistent organic pollutants: results from a 12-year population-based study
Results of this study support the hypothesis that exposure to POPs increases the environmental burden of both stroke and HTN.